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Sixth Floor Museum
Bret St. Clair/The Sixth Floor Museum

Sixth Floor Museum

411 Elm Street

Dallas, TX 75202

(214) 747-6660

Written by Jeff Heath
John F. Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963in the city of Dallas. The Sixth Floor Museum, which opened in 1989 and is operated by the Dallas County Historical Foundation memorializes this tragic event. The museum is located on the sixth floor of the former Texas School Book Depository (now the Dallas County Administration Building) in Dealey Square. This is the spot where Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly fired the fatal shots that killed JFK
and wounded Texas Governor John Connally on that sunny day etched in our country's memory. Since opening, The Sixth Floor Museum has welcomed almost 4 million visitors.

Sixth Floor Museum Exhibits

The Sixth Floor Museum chronicles the life, death and legacy of JFK and features over 400 historic photographs, artifacts, graphs, charts and 45 minutes of documentary films. The museum includes exhibits covering the early 60's, Kennedy's trip to Texas, the corner window from which a sniper fired shots into the motorcade, views into Dealey Plaza and the
Sixth Floor Museum Dealey Plaza
Bret St. Clair/The Sixth Floor Museum
motorcade, the crisis hours, the investigations, who did it, the legacy, the corner staircase where the sniper allegedly exited and where the rifle was found and an audio cassette tour. On the 30th anniversary of JFK's assassination, Dealey Plaza was designated as a National Historic Landmark District.

Hours of Operation and Location

The museum's hours are to 6 p.m. seven days a week and is closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. Books, videos, cassettes, newspaper reprints and other material related to JFK are available for purchase in the Visitor
Center Museum Store. The museum is located on 411 Elm Street, Dallas, Texas 75202. For additional information call the Sixth Floor Museum at (214) 747-6660.
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